Basic Training is a 4 year training program in level of Senior High School.  Bhakti Luhur has 2 kinds of Basic Trainings. The first is the Senior High School for Social Workers, and the Second is Senior High School for Pastoral Services. Both types of the basic trainings are provided for 4 years. They are recognized by the government as a regular school (National Educational Department). The trainees must do 3 years study and 1 year practice. During the training vocation time they have to stay in each wismas (dormitory) of Bhakti Luhur Foundation.

At the moment, we have more than 411 trainees in  basic training. Training outputs are able to work as caregivers or nurses for the disabled children. They are being assigned in the wismas (dormitory a kind of hostel where the disabled children live). In one wisma could stay 8 - 12 children with various disabilities and  4 - 6 caregivers (nurses).




  • Social Communication in CBR Framework

  • Applied Social Communication

  • Recording and Reporting Techniques

  • Human Behavior And Personality Development

  • Family Dynamic, Family Problem of the Disabled Children

  • Social Welfare Services

  • Welfare Services for Disabled Children

  • Social Welfare In The Framework of CBR

  • Social Welfare Administration for CBR

  • Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordinating

  • Reporting, Budgeting, Leadership

  • Social Problems

  • Value Conflicts, Diverge Behavior

  • Labeling, Social Problems Identification

  • Social Work Methods in CBR

  • Social Work Process and Case Study

  • Assessments and Steps of Intervention

  • Social Therapy I

  • Social Therapy II

  • Community Based Rehabilitation

  • Institution Management

  • Social Skills In The Community

  • Basic Nursing

  • Activities of Daily Life

  • Leprosy, Decubitus and Tuberculosis

  • Basic of Physiotherapy

  • Basic of Speech Therapy

  • Deaf and Blind

  • Sign Language

  • Bhakti Luhur Integrated Program In CBR (I)

  • Bhakti Luhur Integrated Programs In CBR (II)

  • Basic of Medical Rehabilitation

  • Medical Case Study

  • Psychology and The Human Need


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