Bhakti Luhur CBR Development and Training Centre also provide trainings for the specialists. The reason of establishing the specialist trainings is, because, working with the CBR Program means that we have to work at the remote areas, and we have to reach the un-reached areas. Based on experiences, it is difficult to find occupational, physical and speech therapists. The same cases, it is difficult to meet ophthalmologists, and psychologists in the rural areas and in the far remote islands where we work. For the effective rehabilitation we absolutely need persons (employees) with such special skills as mentioned on above.

Although we already had a number of CBR field employees, we still need specialists who are able to assess and arrange rehabilitation program in their exact manner. And the most important thing of the rehabilitation program for the disabled is how to maintain and to make sure that the program is relevant with the child in needs. It is a good coordination while specialists and field employees  can work together in order to encourage the disabled children, the families and the local community to endeavor rehabilitation.

At present we have finished four specialist trainings of two years. From  mid 1998 until mid 2002, we have finished specialist trainings in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. In the year 2000, we started two more specialist trainings. One is in speech and vision therapy and the other one is in ortho therapy. In our terminology, ortho means handling and overcoming children with difficulties learning and more in the field of mentally retardation. Both consisted of six "two months periods" for theory and six "two months periods" for guidance in field practice. We have chosen these fourth specialist courses because they are the most urgently skills needed by the rehabilitation employees.


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