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Welcome to Bhakti Luhur 's CBR-DC

CBR-DC is an abbreviation for Community Based Rehabilitation - Development Centre. It is  a Department of the Bhakti Luhur Foundation and is solely run by Bhakti Luhur. CBR-DC conducts training courses for the employees who are working in rehabilitation activities for the disabled children.  As a component of the community, Bhakti Luhur  endeavors to improve skills and knowledge for the employees in order that they are able to work for the CBR Programs in the community. The improvements  of skills and knowledge for the employees are carried out by means of training courses. With these trainings, we are preparing CBR field employees (workers) who are able to encourage and to stimulate the community to run CBR by themselves. The training program of the Bhakti Luhur's CBR-DC consists of:



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Look at  our photo album containing pictures of our disabled children. Here is a group of blind children showing an elegant orchestra.


This is Amata.

She is a student in regular senior high school. "An inclusive - integrative" educational system.




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